Fashion Activist

I wanted to share my excitement about my new fashion column for the Brentwood Gazette. I have always loved fashion wether my style has been hit or miss over the years, so I am made up with my new project.

Being a shy teenager is when my fascination and love affair with fashion first began. My way of overcoming my shyness was through my choice of clothes. The power an outfit had on my self-esteem and how people presumed me to be this confident character just by an outfit choice was addictive.

Fashion soon became my way of showing my personality to the world. Growing up with my grandmother who was equally obsessed with clothes and incredibly stylish was another powerful influence.

I am as excited today about fashion as I was back then. Art, people, and places give me inspiration. I put as much effort into my outfit for work as I would for going out socially. It is fair to say I have made a good few fashion mistakes over the years but I love playing around with different looks and getting lost in my own world of theatre.

In my opinion, British fashion represents individuality, giving us the freedom to express ourselves and break the rules of fashion with panache. Long live fashion!

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