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terence stamp

Terence Stamp is a prolific actor who began his career in 1962. Linked with the iconic supermodel Jean Shrimpton, Terence was often labeled “the most beautiful man alive.” Now 78 he still has the famous hypnotic gaze that we see in his films. He also still carries an enigma. 

He is well-known for his title role in Billy Budd, which earned him nominations for an Academy Award and a BAFTA Award. Other notable film credits include Far from the Madding Crowd, The Collector, Superman, and Valkyrie.

Public Description has been promised an interview by Terence, in the near future but in the mean time lets have a look at the world of all things Terence.



Terence, the eldest of five children, was born in Stepney, London, England, the son of Ethel Esther (née Perrott) and Thomas Stamp, who was a tugboat stoker. His early years were spent in Canal Road, Bow, in the East End, but later in his childhood the family moved to Plaistow, West Ham, London, where he attended Plaistow County Grammar School. His father was away for long periods with the Merchant Navy and the young Stamp was mostly brought up by his mother, grandmother and aunts. He grew up idolising actor Gary Cooper after his mother took him to see Beau Geste (1939) when he was three years old. He was also inspired by the 1950s avant-garde method-trained actor James Dean.

After leaving school, Stamp worked in a variety of advertising agencies in London, working his way up to a very respectable wage. In the mid1950s, he also worked as an assistant to professional golfer Reg Knight at Wanstead Golf Club in east London. He describes this period of his life very positively in his 1988 autobiography Stamp Album. Deep down, he wanted to be an actor—a realization that came when Stamp found he no longer had to serve two years’ National Service after being rejected for having had treatment on his feet. He decided to give acting a go!

Terence won a scholarship to the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in South Kensington, after which he teamed up with another struggling actor Michael Caine with whom he shared an apartment with at Ennismore Gardens Mews.



Terence has a rigid health diet which is due to various food intolerances, he had to give up wheat and diary and as his body became more sensitive it reacted negatively to alcohol and sugar so he had to keep them at a minimum.

At 27, coping with the fame that films (such as The Collector) conferred on him, he developed his first duodenal ulcer. From the age of three (when he had his tonsils out) to the age of 12 (when they took his appendix out) and at every stage of his life he has been dogged by painful illnesses. By 1967 he became so ill he couldn’t go to dinner parties or eat in restaurants. ‘If I had a cup of coffee I’d come out in blisters. Even a lick of a kid’s ice-lolly, and I’d get home and go crazy. I’ve always eaten desserts, I suppose as a form of emotional compensation. Even they brought me out in spots.’

Stamp was working on a film with Fellini and complained of stomach pains. The great director referred him to his astrologer for diet advice. The stargazer, perceiving that Stamp was born under the sign of Cancer, diagnosed a weak digestive system. ‘ ‘Stay off meat and fish for three months,’ he advised. It worked! Terence Stamp has been a vegetarian since 1968.

In 1994, with his friend Elizabeth Buxton, he launched the Stamp Collection, a range of foods for people who, like Stamp, are intolerant to wheat and cow’s milk. Thus far, the range includes everything from organic, wheat-free loaves to spaghetti – via sheep’s milk cheese and even a chocolate Santa Claus.

Stamp has developed daily habits to stay fit into his 70s. He does exercises for yoga, breathing, and meditation, per an article by Sarah Hampson of The Globe and Mail. He also does some Tai Chi and Pilates. These things all contribute to his ability to stay healthy.

While he doesn’t need to add serious amounts of muscle mass or get super ripped for acting roles anymore, consistent exercise is important. Stamp also does a weekly high intensity workout session that lasts for just 15 minutes. The workout is so intense that it takes him a week to recover from it.

Stamp has been active in acting for more than 50 years. His commitment to his health through a personalized diet is a major reason he has been able to stay fit and in great shape for all of these years.



In addition to his acting career, Terence stamp is an accomplished writer and author.

He has published three volumes of his memoirs including Stamp Album (written in tribute to his late mother), a novel entitled The Night, and a cookbook co-written with Elizabeth Buxton to provide alternative recipes for those who are wheat- and dairy-intolerant.

The Stamp collection healthy eating cookbook

The stamp collection natural cookbook

Wheat- and diary free cook book: over 100 sensational recipes from the Stamp collection


Terence Stamp does not own a house. “Where I came from, to own a house was something unreal – so when I had money, I gave houses to everyone: my parents, my aunt. But I never felt I needed to own one.” “My house is in my head, really”. Mr. Stamp’s last permanent address had been East Hampton, N.Y., but he sold his house in 1997. “It was only after I’d been there for a couple of years that I realized that it just didn’t suit me. It wasn’t what I was lookin’ for,” he added, his Cockney surfacing for a moment. “So I sold that when the market was good. And since then, I’ve been untethered, really.”


Terence has a passion for collecting Chinese furniture. His exquisite collection included pieces which he sold at the Sotheby’s Asia week auction such as:

Huanghuali recessed-leg table (Qiaotouan), Ming dynasty, 17th century. estimate $30,000–50,000.



Year Film/ Television
1962 Billy Budd

Term of Trial

1965 The Collector
1966 Modesty Blaise
1967 Poor Cow
Far from the Madding crowd
1968 Blue
Histoires extraordinaires (spirits of the Dead)
1970 The mind of Mr Soames
1971 A season in hell
1975 The divine nymph
1976 Striptease
1977 Blackout
1978 The thief of Baghdad
1979 Meetings with remarkable men
1980 Superman II
1981 Jules Verne’s Mystery on monster island
1982 Morte in Vaticano
1984 The Hit

The Company of wolves

1986 The Cold war killers
Legal eagles
1987 The Sicilian
Wall street
1988 Young Guns
Alien Nation
1990 Genuine Risk
1991 Beltenebros
1993 The Real McCoy
1994 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
1996 Limited Edition
1997 Love walked in
The Hunger
1999 The Limey

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
Kiss the sky

2000 Red Planet
2001 Revelation
My wife is an actress
2001- 2002 Static shock
2002 Full frontal
Fellini: I’m a born liar
2003-2011 Smallville
2003 My Boss’s Daughter
The Kiss
The Haunted Mansion
2004 Dead Fish
2005 Elektra
These foolish Things
2006 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
September Dawn
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut
2007 Halo 3
2008 Wanted
Flowers and Weed
Get smart
Yes Man
2010 Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie
2011 The Adjustment Bureau
2012 Night & Day
Song for Marion
2013 The Art of the Steal
2014 Big eyes
2016 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
The Devil’s Harvest
2017 Crooked House



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