Billesley Manor | Review for Luxuriate Life Magazine

First Impressions

As we begin our commute, there is an early hint of spring in the air, complimented by the uplifting scenery. In the car, we pass dazzling blue skies, with bursts of warm honey hues above the forest green landscapes, while we drive expectantly through the winding country roads and towards the inviting, elegantly restored manor.

As we pull into the sweeping driveway of Billesley, we are greeted with the beautiful stately manor in all its splendour, nestled within well-maintained grounds that are bathed in a saffron light as the sun starts to set. The 100-year-old grounds boast manicured topiary bushes that resemble chess pieces (chess is one of my favourite board games), so we are off to a good start.

We also spot the infamous All Saints church next to the manor, adding that extra touch of historical charm. Upon entering the hotel’s reception, we receive the friendliest and cosiest of welcomes.

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