Sibling | Glamazon Styling


“WE were thinking about post New Look women,” says Joe Bates, one third of the Sister by Sibling NEWGEN design team which includes Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery. “We found these extraordinary photographs of American women from that era, hosting Tupperware parties, living in houses with white picket fences,” he continues. “A feeling of domestic glamour”.

London Collections Men | SIBLING


The mens fashion show I am most excited to see this year is SIBLING. Reflecting the beat of the capital, SIBLING bring an energy and buzz to Mens fashion.

Aimed at the man who is ‘bored with the grey V-neck option’ they embrace colour and rebel against conformity.

Their Influences: “We are always influenced by music and art, alongside youth tribes and street culture; they are our life-blood.”

SIBLING Catwalk show is: 8th Jan 2013 7pm