Stiletto Nails | No Pain No Gain?

katy perry and rihanna

Over the past month I have been trying to literally get to grips with the Almond / Stiletto nail trend. So I know the trend has been about for a while now, but I needed some convincing before I succumbed. I am usually a neat freak and I prefer my nails short, polished and easy to manage. As soon as they become a little bit longer, I quickly get out the nail clippers. This has been me for years, but since this nail trend shows no signs of dying just yet I had to admit the pointy nail did have sex appeal and fashion kudos which needed a test run.

Only the problem I now have, ranges from the following:

  • Accidentally stabbing myself in the face when I turn in my sleep
  • Unable to button my skinny jeans
  • No longer can I wear my contact lenses
  • I now make that annoying tap tap sound on the laptop keyboard as I type
  • Struggle to pick something up off a flat surface
  • Can’t happily apply my favourite face cream or lip balm without getting the product inside my nails
  • Neither text or type a phone number, without my nail taps wrong key on the touchscreen

My point to all this is; is this trend really designed for me and you and actually at all practical? Jury is out but for now I am persisting all in the name of fashion.

Get Shirty

Music has always played a big part on the  fashion scene. So it comes as no surprise that since the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora have been regularly seen wearing their oversized slouchy sweatshirts, the comforting apparel has risen in demand.

Key to pulling off the look is the fit. Unless your intention is to wear your sweatshirt as a dress try keeping the style quite neat and not too large. Combine with  shorts while the weather is  decent, or combine with a pair of skinny jeans for an equally sexy look.