Stiletto Nails | No Pain No Gain?

katy perry and rihanna

Over the past month I have been trying to literally get to grips with the Almond / Stiletto nail trend. So I know the trend has been about for a while now, but I needed some convincing before I succumbed. I am usually a neat freak and I prefer my nails short, polished and easy to manage. As soon as they become a little bit longer, I quickly get out the nail clippers. This has been me for years, but since this nail trend shows no signs of dying just yet I had to admit the pointy nail did have sex appeal and fashion kudos which needed a test run.

Only the problem I now have, ranges from the following:

  • Accidentally stabbing myself in the face when I turn in my sleep
  • Unable to button my skinny jeans
  • No longer can I wear my contact lenses
  • I now make that annoying tap tap sound on the laptop keyboard as I type
  • Struggle to pick something up off a flat surface
  • Can’t happily apply my favourite face cream or lip balm without getting the product inside my nails
  • Neither text or type a phone number, without my nail taps wrong key on the touchscreen

My point to all this is; is this trend really designed for me and you and actually at all practical? Jury is out but for now I am persisting all in the name of fashion.

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