Let’s Talk Fashion: Tara Sillery

tara sillery

Tara Sillery of PR Passion, is one of the most prominent Fashion PR execs in the Middle East right now. Along with numerous TV and radio appearances to being the founder and owner of the successful StyleME concept, this glamazon is also one of the most hard working in the business.  So needless to say, I was truly grateful that Tara could spare some time in her crazily busy schedule to talk with myself for Public Description.

Elle: I can imagine this is the question you most get asked, how did you first get into the fashion business? 

Tara: I have always been obsessed with fashion, even from a young age I would drive my poor Mother crazy as I was always playing in her wardrobe!  I was always making changes to clothes by adding my own style or making my own clothes (well tried to!).

My Mum is a huge fashion lover so I was introduced to the likes of Mary Quant from a young age! However, my career path led me into investment banking but with the encouragement from my family and a former CEO in London I followed my dreams and got into the world of fashion!!

My first client was one of my idols, the amazing couture designer Christian Lacroix and I worked with him to launch his first ever interior project in the Middle East……..since that day almost 5 years ago it’s been a whirlwind of fashion and lots of fun !

Elle: What’s been the highlight of your career so far? 

Tara: There have been so many amazing moments it’s difficult to pin down one particular thing to be honest.  Meeting and working with superstars such as Christian Lacroix and the late Andree Putman in Paris were amazing moments in my career.  However, I still get butterflies of excitement when I meet young talented designers and know there will be many more highlights ahead as I have so many superstars on my radar!  Working with the amazing MTV network has been so amazing too and I have some really exciting TV shows lined up with them this summer too.

Elle: You must lead a very hectic lifestyle, how do you switch off and relax?

Tara: That’s a VERY good question!!!  I have to admit, it’s very difficult to switch off as am working on so many different time-zones from London and Paris to LA so I am lucky that I don’t need much sleep!  The biggest form of relaxation is spending time with my friends and having some much required “normal” time.

Elle: What are some tips you have for girls who want to update their wardrobes without buying all new clothes?

Tara: Mix and match!  I am so lucky that I am given so many amazing clothes and shoes from my designers but when I shop I am a lover of all high street brands.  One doesn’t have to spend massive amounts of money on brands to look good.  I am also into recycling!  My friends and I swap and exchange clothes all the time – that way you feel like you have something brand new without having to spend the money!

Elle: Whose celebrity style do you covet most?

Tara: I am totally and utterly obsessed with Charlize Theron…..she always looks amazing and pulls off every look to perfection.

Elle: Who do you see as the stand out designer of the moment?

Tara: Regionally we have SO much talent.  However, for the past four years I have been in LOVE with the talented Golkar brothers who are of Iranian decent and live in Dubai.  It’s so exciting for me to see them shine and rise and I know they are going to be the next biggest thing to come out of the region.  The Emperor 1688 is their couture label…check them out.

tara sillery

Elle: What’s a wardrobe staple you can’t live without?

Tara: Shoes…. am OBSESSED!!!!!  My ultimate favourite at the moment is Aennis Eunis from Jordan.  His shoes are so comfortable and he is one of the nicest down to earth designers ever.

Elle: Who inspires you the most?

Tara: That’s a difficult one.  I live in the Middle East and there are so many different inspirational figures here.  I cannot really pinpoint anybody in the industry as I have so many I would love to name.  Therefore,  my biggest inspiration is my Mum as without her I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Elle: Can you share your fashion predictions?

Tara: I think Denim and stripes are going to be crazy this summer!!!  I am getting so bored of blazers as they have been over-done in the region so am predicting after telling all of my designers this that funky “bomber jackets” will be huge…you heard it here first!!!

Elle: What’s next for Tara?

Tara: Ideally…a holiday!!!  Realistically…a crazy year ahead.  I am working closely with an amazing LA based styling company called StylePR and we have lots of exciting celebrities to dress for the Oscar’s and Grammy’s.  I am also working on my concept of StyleME which I am hosting in Qatar and Saudi this year.  In between that I have some very exciting projects I am working on with MTV Lebanon so I have to get ready for those shows in the summer.   Downtime………what’s that!!?  I wouldn’t change my hectic life for anything as I LOVE what I do and am so grateful to have the opportunities I’ve experienced.

Elle: Tara you are an inspiration, thank you for your interview!

tara sillery

Photographer: Elmer Magallenes
Tara is wearing: Victoria Strange Couture

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  1. Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the good job!

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