Q + A with Devrim Karaoglu

Devrim Karaoglu 1 by AG phot

Thank you to Producer/ Songwriter Devrim Karaoglu for taking time to chat about your Love for Music and how your career has excelled.

How did you get started in the music industry?

I started remixing for some big Turkish artist in the year 2000 (Tarkan ,Ajda Pekkan).  Later in 2001, I started producing for various artist in Istanbul until 2006, when I moved to LA to finish Tarkan’s English Album (Come Closer).  Since then I live in LA

How do you decide with which artists you wish to work?

It’s hard to saysometimes i go to shows and fall in love with an artist or I hear something on the web that speaks to me.  My management also connects me with different writers and artist.  For me, it’s important to get in the studio to get a vibe first.
It’s always exciting to meet new artist.

What was it like to work with Lana Del Rey?

It was lovely. Lana is an incredible soul /poet/ artist /
Her and Rick Nowels write beautiful timeless songs together.  I have co-produced with Rick songs like Summertime Sadness, Dark Paradise etc.. 

Who are your favourite artists?

I think Nelly Furtado is my all time favorite artist . Her song “Say it Right’ is probably one of my favorite tunes …timeless.
I also recently discovered Dua Lipa .She definitely has a long career. Really love her voice and writing.

Do you have any special musical talents i.e. do you play the piano / guitar etc Who influenced you and what music styles do you listen to?

I started playing the turkish saz at an early age .Later on I learned the timpani and played with a youth symphonic orchestra in Germany for 7 years.
At age 14, I started playing the keyboard/synthesizer . My main influences were Pink Floyd, Santana,  Yello, Depeche Mode,  Police, Sting , Art of Noise , Ravi Shankar, Youssou N’dour and a lots of Turkish classic and folk music. I love connecting eastern and western elements in my music.

Are there any albums you’ve produced that you felt were exceptionally great but that didn’t get the attention they deserved?

Not really

Do you have a favourite musical project that you’ve worked on?

In 2001, I have produced for a first time an album for Mete Ozgencil, an award winning  Turkish artist, who is well known in Turkey for his songwriting and video directing.  The album has been listed in the Top 10 Album List of that decade. It’s sort of a cult album now.  I am very proud of it.  

Do you have advice for young people who want to become music producers?

Listen to arrangements and chord progressions of your favorite songs.

Analyse mixes and frequency positioning of instruments but don’t try to imitate, be unique and timeless.

Don’t use to many trendy production tricks that will sound out of date in 2 years and also have a good basic knowledge of engineering .

Besides your interest in music , what else do you enjoy to do?

I work so much in the studio, in my free time…I usually socialise with friends, watch movies or documentaries.
I also love cooking food, it’s like writing a song for me…very meditating.
Sometimes, I do make graphics and animations on the computer but that has slowed down in the past years.

What does the rest of 2016 look like for you?

There is a couple of projects I am very excited about for this year.
One of them is Faye Medeson, who is an incredible Neo-Soul Artist from Sweden.  And also there is Troi Irons, who is signed to Def Jam.  She is an incredible artist, singer and writer with strong lyrical melodies coming out this year.

I have also decided to put my own songs into one umbrella this year with some Guest Artist featuring on it…be surprised!!


Follow Devrim on…

Twitter: @dkevrim

Facebook: Devrim Karaoglu

Email: info@dkevrim.com


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