Sleek Ponytail

Many of us think of the ponytail as an after-the-gym style, meant only for those days where you either didn’t wash your hair or did’nt have time to style it, but that is not the case. The ponytail continues to be the sleek must have for on the catwalk and on the red carpet.

How to get a sleek ponytail:

1. Shampoo and Condition to achieve shiny clean hair.

2. Blow Dry Straight and use Straighteners to seal the cuticle for ultra sleek strands.

3. Brush hair into a high centre position above ears (not on top of the head) and secure with a hairband.

4. Take a small amount of hair from the ponytail and wrap around the base to hide the hairband and pin in place.

5. Use a small amount of serum or hairspray to create a firm hold and avoid flyaways.

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