Kayvon Zand Interview

NYC performance artist and songwriter, Kayvon Zand demands your full attention as soon as he walks into the room. His beautiful and haunting looks combined with his outrageous and flamboyant stage costumes has gained worldwide attention and controversy in the fashion and music industry. Comparisons to the likes of David Bowie and Marilyn Manson have added to the intrigue and mystery around this entertainer. Born in North Carolina, and of Iranian descent he is an intoxicating mix of contradictions.

Kayvon Zand has teamed up with new management Maestro Chew Fu and together they are releasing his first single named “One Way Flight!” as well as making the music video/mini movie for the single. We are promised it will be about black diamonds and capturing the feeling of the raw energy of ‘80s dance music. I personally can’t wait!

Public Description want to know more:

Elle: How does it feel to be releasing your single ‘One Way Flight’?

Kayvon: It feels like a one way flight! I’m ready to take off! I feel this release is so much more than just the music. Since I started the kickstarter I have a whole community behind me and for that it’s not my “one way flight,” but ours!

Elle: Being such a creative energy what can we expect to see in the music video?

Kayvon: Lots of hair, lots of black diamonds and a shit load of makeup; The rest is a surprise 

Elle: You started out in modelling, what lead you to a career within music?

Kayvon: I feel like modeling for me was like working at Burger King, not the goal, just a bump in the road. It was a “one way flight” out of NC and it served it’s purpose.

Elle: Do you have a lot of input into your look or is it a team effort?

Kayvon: I definitely am the pilot of my art. However I love collaborating! At the end of the day it’s all variations on a theme that I have created and made home.

Elle: Your make-up is fierce, is this all your own handy work?

Kayvon: I just recently started collaborating with Suliman Nawid on makeup and Calli Carvajal on hair. I have done it all on my own up until this past year. I wanted to start collaborating and making the hair higher and the face sharper. Part of being an artist is allowing yourself to be a canvas. But I am the worst person to do hair or makeup for because Im like an automated pilot. “Do this, do that, How about this, how about that,” lol. However I really respect Calli and Suliman and it is definitely a collaborative effort.

Elle: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?

Kayvon: My father who is actually alive and I HAVE met him, however, I have never had the chance to hear him acknowledge I am his son. Growing up it was set up that he was just a family friend. I am not sure what I would say as I would want to hear more then I would want to talk.

Elle: What would your epitaph read?

Kayvon: I want to be cremated and monumented inside of a piano. A shiny black grand piano. My epitaph will be the music that is played.

Elle: And finally, What’s next for Kayvon?

Kayvon: My dream!

If you would like to be a backer for Kayvon Zand’s music video / mini movie, please visit:

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