PRET A DINER – Venue; Royal Academy of Arts

Coming to nearly the final few days of its two-month stint of occupying The grand Royal Academy of Arts (RA) in London, I finally paid PRET A DINER a visit. As soon as you arrive outside the steps of the imposing  RA based in Burlington House, you feel like you are on a journey of discovery.

Once inside you are exposed to high ceilings and a swirling staircase that leads to the vibrant PRET A DINER. The atmosphere in the bar and restaurant feels hedonistic, giving of a vibe that you have become an extra on a high fashion editorial shoot. The setting and staff just add further to the drama of the experience.

An experience is exactly what the founders want you to achieve from visiting PRET A DINER, especially a contemporary dining experience. The whole concept of the restaurant and bar is based around fusing contempary art and music together with a taste experience involving their signature dishes.

Olivia Steele art is displayed around the walls. Expect to see anything from taxidermy, photography to elaborate handwritings in neon glass.

Once PRET A DINER has hypnotised you it is then quickly out of your life and onto the next happening city.

Photos are provided with kind permission by PRET A DINER

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