Chima Anya – Interview

November 2012 saw the release of The Doctor’s Note, the new album from UK rapper Chima Anaya.

Chima Anya has carved out a respected reputation on the UK Hip Hop scene, collaborating with critically acclaimed rapper Soweto Kinch. Not content with being a credible rapper, Anya has also qualified as a GP, having spent the last three years working and studying at St Thomas’ Hospital in Central London.

Chima Anya took time out to chat to Public Description:

Elle: Chima, you have a new album called The Doctor’s Note, can you describe your new album to us?

Chima: I like to think that it’s emotional, thought provoking, challenging, mature but above all musical. I’d say it’s my most consistent and developed work to date. Dexter, a Dr based in Germany, produced most of it. It’s a hip-hop album, with retro values, but future sounds.

Elle: Did the album take long to make?

Chima: Around 2 years. The initial spark was quick, but the tidying up the edges took a while.

Elle: When is the album due for release?

Chima: 12/11/12

Elle: What influences and inspires you to create music?

Chima: I think it’s only natural to be inspired by the environment you are in, and working as a Dr, you get a wide variety of environments. Endless inspiration, but I think even if I existed in a vacuum, there is a gene inside me that just drives me to make music

Elle: Your career is actually as a qualified doctor for a General Practice, how does that compare to your music career?

Chima: Man I love medicine, but the thing is, too many OCD like personalities in it. I’d say that was the one thing music had over medicine. The people in it aren’t as anal. Anal people are the worst! Then ofcourse the overrepresentation of the middle class in medicine, but let’s not get into that now. I’ve been fortunate to not have to fret over money, my parents made sure I was used to not having much haha, so I can appreciate a job from the other benefits it provides you know, a sense of worth, achievement, a social network. What I don’t get from one job, I get from the other, so the marriage works, to a certain extent. The flip side is of course both of them hold each other back, it’s a complicated situation.

Elle: Is there anyone especially that you would like to collaborate with on a track?

Chima: BJ the Chicago Kid. Had his album on REPEAT!!!!

Elle: Who are your musical inspirations?

Chima: Michaeal Jackson, Portishead, James Brown, D’angelo, J Dilla, Dj Premier, Jay Z, Nas, The Pharcyde, MF Doom, Big L, A Tribe called quest… whaaaat! We could be here a very long day!

Elle: For people trying to break into the music world what words of inspiration would you offer?

Chima: Be yourself. Be considerate.

Elle: Lastly, what’s next for you, Chima?

Chima: I want to learn how to produce, so hopefully my next project will be my vocals + people I’m feeling, over my production. Working with a friend to hopefully create a new night were people >23 can party in a more dignified manner than is currently happening in our capital city. Haha. It’s all love.

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