Inge van Lotringen


Inge van Lotringen, Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan shares her tips for 2013 and also valuable advice on how to make it as a journalist.


Elle: Do you have some exciting beauty news you can share with us and predictions for 2013?

Inge: Yes, there is so much happening next year. We are going to see collagen, beauty sweets they are like gummy bears but much better for your face. That’s a big thing for 2013

New nail textures. Leather textured nails, concrete but glittery, peel off varnishes from TopShop. Very urban textures and creative

Make up wise, we shall see strong lip colours, deep pinks and reds with very strong brows, combined with nude eye-colours.

Hair wise, dry styling shall be big across salons across the UK. The aim is to achieve the latest looks in super-quick time, using textured (not freshly washed) hair and lashings of dry shampoo

This plus more is in our January edition of Cosmopolitan out now.


Elle: Name one beauty item you can’t live without?

Inge: Under eye concealer, as this can avoid the need for wearing foundation. This and liquid blusher. Liquid or cream blushers, slide onto the skin and gives a natural blush. Only a tiny amount is required and it blends so naturally.


Elle: Can you name one of your favourite trends that are around at the moment?

Inge: At the moment I love the whole studs trend that is out at the moment. They are on everything from shoes to tops it looks good and adds an edge while still looking classy.

I also love colour blocking; it’s really nice to add just a bit of colour to your winter wardrobe.

Elle: For journalists, can you give your tips for making it in the industry?

Inge: I would always say be prepared to do work experience for a good while I’m afraid. No matter how good you are its about learning who everybody is in the industry cause you have to deal with so many PR people ect. The only way to get to know all those people is to do the groundwork and work in the business. You have to start at the beginning.

If you get the chance to get in there and do work experience, then be as enthusiastic as you can be and show your initiative. It’s about helping out, and showing you want to start from the bottom and work your way up. Also hone your writing skills, these days everybody can start a blog so that’s a good place to start. Plus a good phone manner, be friendly polite and helpful.

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