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anup vega

Sri Lankan artist, Anup Vega is well known on the art scene, having achieved international recognition with his stunning drawings and paintings. Anup has exhibited his work both in Colombo and internationally,

Anup once said his obsession is with his immediate surroundings, especially nature.

*“Art to me is a process of witnessing. We witness with our eyes and we build our thoughts and imaginations based on what we see. I witness the wheel of time in my paintings. As art is inside the person, and he or she sees his own version of it through the mind’s eye, I’m very careful in provoking thoughts through my work. My work is an echo of my own thoughts so I am cautious in what I stir in the minds of others. I want to be able to heal, help and ground people through my art pieces,”


Anup kindly spoke to Public Description


Elle: How did your journey into art first begin?

Anup: Karmic coincidence! Pilgrimage from village to city as a teen, I am now back in bliss.


Elle: Being from Sri Lanka, do you feel Sri Lanka recognises and provide support and a good platform for inspiring artists?

Anup: Sri Lanka provides anything you name, under the sun on its own scale.


Elle: What motivates and inspires you to create different types of art?

Anup: Anything from magical sensual pleasures to infinite abstraction of existence in itself, and simply experiencing being here as a human divine being.


Elle: Have you a favourite artist?

Anup: Zorba and Buddha.


Elle: What work of art do you wish you owned?

Anup: Awakening from man made reality.


Elle: Where do you feel art is going?

Anup: Main stream is always parallel with so-called civilization.


Elle: What is next for Anup?

Anup: Continuing the pilgrimage I am on and celebration.


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