You can do what??!

susan boyle

I love learning about people and discovering their hidden talents. It says so much more about who they are. So here just for fun is some stars and their lesser known skills:

  • Julia Roberts can play the clarinet and oboe
  • Ricky Gervais was once a lead singer of 80s synth band Seona Dancing and in the early 90s managed Britpop band Suede
  • Kevin Bacon can play guitar, percussion, harmonica and sings in a band with a sibling called The Bacon Brothers
  • Richard Gere can play the trumpet
  • Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood is not just renowned for being a sex drug and rock’n’roll piss-up artist but did you know he is also another artist, yes a renowned painter and a very good one too
  • Kristen Stewart has a secret talent of juggling and no not lovers
  • Pierce Brosnan apparently trained as a circus-style fire-eater
  • Salma Hayek had other career plans, she was training to be a gymnast
  • And Steve Martin is a professional banjo player, is Mumford & Sons hiring?

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