Hung up on Monsieur Adi

monsieur adi

Ever since I was first introduced to a Monsieur Adi remix he did of a Madonna track, I have been hooked.

Presenting for a local radio show has meant listeners have been subtly brainwashed over time with his Lana Del Rey remix of Born to Die on more than a few occasions.:)

Having collaborated already with some amazing artists like Ellie Goulding, The Knocks, and Seal to name just a few, Monsieur Adi is a remix genius. So I am obviously really honored he agreed to an interview with Public Description.

Elle: What motivated you to get into the music business?

Monsieur Adi: I love creating things and I felt that music was another way to express my thoughts as I am not too good with writing it down. I am getting better at that though, haha.

Elle: Can you describe your music style?

Monsieur Adi: My music, I would say, is a mixture of electronic / electro with heavy doses of orchestration most of the time, all placed in a pop package. A lot seem to have a fear of the word “pop,” but I think it can be good if done well. It’s what I am trying to do !

Elle: What kind of artists do you prefer to work with?

Monsieur Adi: I like to work with artists who have a clear feeling, aesthetic, and identity. It is always great when you can take an artist’s world and move them into your own, yet it still is respectful to both sides and even enhances each other. I’ve been lucky to work with this type of artist so I am thrilled, for sure.

Elle: Who would be your dream collaboration to work with?

Monsieur Adi: I think it could be cool to throw Björk, Daft Punk, and me in a think tank to see what we could come up with. That would be an absolute dream for me as these are the musicians that have greatly influenced my sound. I discovered them around the same time and it was a sort of revelation that changed my mind on music.

Elle: Which person do you feel you have learned the most from in life?

Monsieur Adi: Well my mother taught me a lot about life and I will forever be thankful for that. She had a beautiful warmth and sensitivity that I think has affected me. In an odd way, I’ve always looked at Tom Ford as an example of what I would like to be in terms of work ethic. An odd person to look to, perhaps, but I always get inspired by what he says and does.

Elle: What has been your proudest achievement so far?

Monsieur Adi: I think I am the most proud of, first of all, continuing to make music and working with cool people ! On a more direct note, it would definitely have to be currently working with Seal and making some beautiful sounds with beautiful words.

Elle: Finally what’s next for you?

Monsieur Adi: At the moment I am currently working on an album and a single will be out soon. Other than that, I would say more remixes, of course, as well as producing and writing for other artists. Definitely an exciting time.

Monsieur Adi

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