Ready to Go with Republica

Republica fans can rejoice as they are back and once again in the studio. 2013 marks the year they deliver their new single Christiana Obey, whilst planning gigs, playing at the likes of the Isle of White Festival later this year and working on their album.


Originally formed in 1994, Republica have achieved global sales which some bands can only dream of. Republica have not just been huge in America, but their track ‘Ready To Go’ was number 1 in 18 countries, featured in Hollywood films, TV Shows, international advertising campaigns and adopted by sports programmes and stadiums around the world. Not to be out done ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ was used as the theme to ‘Scream’, for the Wez Craven Horror Movie.

Public Description caught up with lead singer Saffron:

Elle: It’s great to see Republica back who or what was the decision behind Republica reforming?Saffron: 2 and a half years ago we got offers to play string of gigs in places we had never been including Dubai, Bahrain, Bucharest and Transylvania Romania.

Saffron: They were great shows and amazing audiences that from those experiences we got back the touring bug so went on to do more festivals and decided to go back in the studio and write new songs!

Elle: You have all been working on individual projects, and you have been particularly busy. Can you tell us a bit more what you have been up to?
Saffron: We had all been doing other projects. Jonny had his own band Cheap Glue plus another project Contramundum with Tim also, who had been DJing/mixing other bands and a side project Greedy Soul with members of his former band Flowered Up.
Myself had the honour of working The Cure . A duet on a track called
Just Say Yes which went on their Greatest Hits album. We also did a video and live TV shows in Paris!

I worked with my old friends The Prodigy on a track called Fuel My Fire on the album Fat of The Land. Plus I wrote 3 songs for the Junkie XL album Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin which was Number 1 in Holland. The tracks were Crusher Spirits and Beauty Never Fades which was also a Number 1 Dance single and used in the films The Animatrix and A Scanner Darkly with Keanu Reeves.

I also was special guest when he headlined Pinkpop Festival Holland.

I did a world tour with my old friend DJ Carl Cox to promote his album Second Sign. My track is called Get What you Paid For.

Other artists I’ve collaborated with include Jeff Beck, Gary Numan, Ed Case, Ace from Skunk Anansie, Suicide Sports Club, Tarantella and Redanka, Deepsky and Russian band Mummytroll.

I performed at Ian Durys Tribute concert I’m an honorary Blockhead!

I’ve DJ’d for Versace, Tommy Hilfiger,The Sultan of Brunei and lots of gay clubs.

I’ve just appeared in my first short film Banana Pearl directed by Ben Simon who did the Christiana Obey video. I play a Female mob boss!

And I’ve recently performed with my old school friend John Partridge for his Dames n Dudes show

He is best known for playing Christian in Eastenders but is the lead and Producer of

The current hit show A Chorus Line in the West End.

Elle: Wow! Thats a lot you have packed in there, and some amazing artists you have worked with. Pretty speechless after that 🙂

Elle: You have also just completed a UK tour with Tenek who have remixed your new E.P titled Christiana Obey – and you are also working on your new album – how does it feel to be back in the studio?

Saffron: Yes Tenek are good friends of ours and did a great remix of Christiana Obey.

We had such a great tour with them. I’m actually performing with them at BAS Festival, Basildon on 26th May as special guest.

Republica went to Cornwall recently to our friend the actor Kris Marshall’s house in Polperro.

It’s really beautiful down there. We set up a studio and just wrote new songs. It felt like it did when we first started the band. Very Exciting.

We wrote a song called Hallelujah which I’m very proud of. It was so popular on the UK tour we played it as an encore!

Elle: You are performing at The Isle of Wight Festival in June, that’s fantastic, what do you love most about performing at these festivals?

Saffron: We were very excited about playing the Isle of Wight Festival this year. The lineups great, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, The Killers and Blondie!

I love playing festivals as you get to see lots other bands plus its the whole outdoor atmosphere.

Elle: You have had phenomenal success with Republica, does that bring with it a degree of pressure when making a new album with how to top that?

Saffron: For me the pressure is to write a great record. That’s what makes it successful not based on how many copies sold. Yes we have sold millions of records but you know what if just one person loves your songs, that’s ultimately the goal.

Of course you wish to touch as many people as you can. But you can change the world with one song.

Changed mine..

Elle: Rihanna often sparks debate and controversy with her behaviour off stage, how important do you think it is to be a role model to your fans?
Saffron: I am a fan of Rihanna and any artist with that amount of success and popularity has their life under a microscope. I’m endeared to her in the fact she speaks her mind and seems to behave as herself It’s not a staged squeaky clean sterile persona.
Do I think its important to be a role model?
Well define role model?!

For pop bands whose audience is kids to a certain extent yes. But for artists who write and perform there own music. To inspire certainly but we’re just like anyone else its our job.

What’s important to me is that I represent Possibility..

I’m an Idea.. For young girls who wish, want, desire or feel the need to express themselves you can!

Anything is possible and its ok, I’ve done it and people laughed at me at school when I told them my dream..

I said Fuck You and just Made it happen..Haha.

Elle: There have been so many incredible achievements with Republica, what’s been the overall highlight for you?

Saffron: Yes we have had incredible achievements it’s very difficult to pick just one highlight

But you know having written songs that have lasted and are still played worldwide today 15 years later makes me proud.

To still be playing shows worldwide. Whether they be in the mountains of Transylvania where kids had travelled 14 hours on a train to see us,  to our recent UK tour where hardcore fans who have stuck with us singing all the lyrics at the front. To a letter from a fan in Honduras who learnt English as he was inspired by our music..and went on to get a college place in Florida.,Well it means Everthing..!!!

Elle: What’s your advice to new bands in how to break into the music industry today?

Saffron: Advice to young bands would be to learn your craft, write your own songs,do lots gigs,

Speak and share with other bands. Be very careful what you sign. Always get advice from a good music lawyer. keep as much control as possible..your publishing Merch and live gigs are Yours!

Get a good manager and live agent.

Be prepared to Work Hard and Play Your Music Hard. If you love it this will be easy.

Above all Enjoy it. As soon as you don’t split up!

Elle: What’s the plan next for Republica?

Saffron: Republica play Isle of Wight on 16th June,  Midnattsrocken Festival Norway 12 th July,

Forever Sun 16th August. Nedstock 22/23 rd November with Neds Atomic Dustbin and Cud.

German and US dates tbc.

We are writing and recording our new album in between….!!!

Elle: Thats a full on year ahead you have! Wish you all the best and thank you for talking to Public Description!

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