Spuntino | Soho


I love when you just stumble across somewhere that feels pretty undiscovered. This is exactly what Spuntino is aiming for here. The website is very simple, with no phone number or reservations allowed and once inside it feels like a discrete slice of no frills Brooklyn is being served up within the atmospheric retro dinner.

You eat at the bar on stools with the walls behind the bar still decorated with original tiles from when it was once a former butcher’s shop.


I visited here with my partner in crime and long suffering side kick who is sometimes annoyingly unimpressed by pretentious try hard eateries in London, so Spuntino was a big thumbs up from him. The staff were warm and friendly and made us feel like we were one of their loyal regulars even though this was our first visit.

I chose between a number of delicious small plates, with the Truffle Egg Toast being my absolute fave, washed down with several of their potent earl grey martinis.

I shall definitely be making this one of my regular spots from now on! Gold star Spuntino from Public Description.


61 Rupert Street

2 thoughts

  1. I currently work at Spuntino and it’s lovely to read a review that highlights our efforts to create a friendly atmosphere! come back anytime!

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