Mens’ Guide to Off duty Style

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When it comes to dressing up for a night out, is acting your age important?

Twenties: You are young, thin, single and ready to mingle. You can get away, more or less with anything. That doesn’t mean you should mind you. So recommended attire is a decent pair of sneakers (high tops if you are really trendy), well cut jeans, t-shirt, and a Raf Simons or APC bomber jacket. Remember you are a trend setter not a fashion follower.

Thirties: You are slightly older, but still youthful, perhaps not single but you are still like to party and mingle. Its in the 30’s when we learn about quality and timeless style rather than disposable fashion. The look is contemporary but still classic. Think, crisp shirt, battered brogues, slim fit cotton twill trousers, and a blazer. Hip and relevant but not enslaved to fashion.


Forties: You are as old as you feel which is likely still 18 but you should know by now that taking off your tie is not enough to separate corporate guy to party guy. Though at the same time the scruffy t-shirt and jeans combo no longer looks dignified. More tragic. The look should be relaxed elegant but still switched on. Blazer, or shawl-collar cardigan over chinos, shirt and you may even consider a tie. Smart casual although the term is over used, this is generally the look the need to channel.

50’s and beyond: You are now freed from the slavery of creating a trend, you have earned the right to dress suave and are generally happy to pay for quality. You are what soft tailoring was invented for , think shirt, blazer, tailored trousers and chocolate suede loafers. So well done, you are the man the rest of the guys all hope to grow up to be like.


Source Mr Porter

Photo Credit: Fox 2009

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