Q&A with Danny from AYER


Elle from Public Description caught up with Danny from AYER. AYER is made up of Brooklyn duo, Danny and Mikey.

Their partnering is a match made in musical heaven.

Danny, when did you know you wanted to be in music?

I’ve always known, absolutely. In some way or another I’ve always been involved with music, and where I am now — writing, creating, recording — has been my intended destination for at least the last decade or something!

How would you describe your music style?

I’d say.. piano and beat driven music with catchy melodies, layers for days and synths.

Who would be your dream collaboration to work with? 

James Blake.


If there was one word you would use to explain your experience so far in the music business, what would it be?



Which person do you feel you have learned the most from in life?

Oh man.. Lao Tzu? In all honesty, I couldn’t single it down. I’m very influenced by all my close friends and family.


Any plans to come to London soon?

No plans but I’ve never been to Europe, so as soon as effing possible!


What can we expect to see from AYER in 2014?

The debut EP will be out sometime in March of April. I’d love to fill the rest of the year out with touring, a full length record or another EP and definitely some collaborations. Lots of great things!


Thanks Danny, and wishing you a great 2014



AYER Music Dot Com



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