Interview: All about Rokuro


Public Description caught up with the talented and thoroughly lovely Brighton, DJ Rokuro. Find out what he is up to here:

Why the name Rokuro?

My parents thought it would be funny to give me a silly japanese name. But it turned out to be really cool;-)

Where does your passion/inspiration for music come from?

Nowhere in particular if I’m honest, I just create whatever style of music I feel like when I wake up in the morning. It’s mainly electronic of some kind. I don’t really have any inspirations but I like my music to have some kind of funky, soulful or retro vibe to it when possible. Thats what comes most natural to me, and I’m not afraid to make dance tracks at 110bpm where as like some other producers it has to be a certain speed like 128 or 140 bpm or whatever it dosn’t have to be a certain style. But just at the moment I listen to chilled house with acoustic guitars and Deep House alot, I find everything else a tad noisy for my delicate ears…;-)

 When did you first get into music?  

I used to like Blondie, Adam and the Ants and Depeche Mode when I was about 6 years old. My Sister who’s a bit older than me got me into this really odd band called Japan, Which is a bit of a coincidence;-) I had a badge of theirs and everything, ha ..then I got onto melodic hiphop like the artist Mantronix and Joyce sims then onto Acid House. I even got into Trance for a while. To be Honest I’ve liked all styles of music over the years apart from Rock, Country, D&B, Jungle, Dubstep and that Trap stuff. Saying that I just put a dub step breakdown in a new track I was working on recently, well it sounds like dub step to me, to a proper dubstep producer it probably sounds like Britney Spears;)

If you could collaborate with any artist, past or present, who would you choose and why? 

I think at the moment, Katy B. I wasn’t into her 1st album at all, But I really love the old school house vibe on the Little Red album, so I definitely think I’d have something to offer her productions, I think She’s really fresh, plus she’s definetly getting better with age.

Do you have a most proud moment/achievement since being in the music industry to date? 

Well I have got to travel around the world 10 times over and got paid for it. So I’d have to say that’s an achievement.  I have done official remixes for some huge pop  and electronic acts in the past, and I guess Im still at it, making a living.  So thats a bonus.

Any new artists, you’ve been listening to recently which you recommend looking out for? 

I guess the people I’m collaborating with at the moment need the shout out, Celeste and PGX from Malibu. I do a more EDM sounding progressive house style with them, Paul Ewing from London. We do a more Funky old school anything goes type of house sound. Which is great fun as we don’t really care what style it is, as long as it sounds half decent;-) A great DJ Called Gui S Arruda, from Brazil. He’s one to watch in 2014,  also Elise from London, is amazing.  (she’s also Tom Jones Singer on his live shows and production tracks) We Are Doing a couple of things together at the moment.

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? now, be honest;) 

Ruth Lorenzo , who came 5th in the UK Xfactor, and recently represented Spain in The Eurovision song contest;-)

What can we expect to see from Rokuro next? 

Im working on too many projects to mention just at the moment, I put up new stuff all the time on my soundcloud page, so best just to follow me on there I think…I also have a monthly column and contribute on a great new dance and electronic magazine called Audiation.  I List all my fave new tracks of the month on there, plus let people from around the world know all the biggest dance tracks that are getting in the UK pop charts, and lots of other fun stuff like DJ charts etc, Maybe you can give me your top 10 for next month Elle? 😉

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