Interview | Introducing Stealth

STEALTH’s deep gravelly tone provides a strong richness to his new song, ‘I Don’t Need Your Love’, which is taken from his soon-to-be released EP, Intro (out March 25th). Stealth has proved to have a much sought after voice recently with collaborations that include Nitin Sawhney, Netsky vs. Metrik and Roger Sanchez.

Stealth has received great support from the likes of ‘BBC Introducing’ and ‘Music Week’, and with his debut EP scheduled for release this year; 2016 is looking to be the year Stealth comes into his own. Public Description caught up with Stealth in-between his studio time, to find out more.

“I’m really proud of what I have done, and I’m just glad that other people are getting it.”

Have you always wanted to be in music?

“My family weren’t really musical but music was always being played in the house so it was a big part of my upbringing. I then started doing gigs at pubs and clubs in Birmingham to earn some cash.”

“I decided I wanted to progress with my music so I went to music college, went to The Institute of Contemporary Music (ICMP) in North London.”

“I had wanted to be in the RAF originally, until I decided I would get shot a bit less in music.”

Who are your musical influences?

“When I was very little, Elvis Presley was a big influence. Then growing up, the likes of Howling Wolf, Etta James, and Muddy Waters all became big influences for me. Even artists like The Doors. For me it’s mainly old school stuff, which I draw my inspiration from and you can hear that in what I do.”

“I have done a lot of dance records but for me it doesn’t feel as much like me. When I’m doing my own stuff it just fits my vocals and I feel happiest. It took me a while to find that but I feel that I’m there.”

“I believe in staying true to myself. It depends what you are in the music industry for. For me it’s not the money but longevity. I feel you never truly die until people stop talking about you. My main aim is to make music that people will still want to listen to in 10-20 years time.”


Tell me more about your collaboration on the Roger Sanchez Track?

“I wrote a piano track with one of my friends, that wasn’t really for me and didn’t fit with what I was doing at the time. Sometimes that happens, and when they are good songs, you don’t want to just sit on them. So we sent the track off to a few DJ’s and Roger really liked it. He did his own thing with it and kind of took it somewhere else that worked well with his style. Roger is a really nice guy and very similar to Nitin Sawhney in that he is very supportive.”


How did the Nitin Sawhney collaboration happen?

“It was an incredible privilege to work with Nitin. It is not very often you get asked to work with an artist nominated for a Mercury (Music Prize).”

“Nitin is not only a genius at one thing, but he does everything. So just to sit there and learn from him about the industry and everything like that was amazing. Meeting people like Nitin who are so sure of what they want to do and have made such a success from doing that, definitely gives artists in my position something to aspire to and a bit of guidance.”

“Nitin was looking for a big voice at the time to hit a bit harder on the album. So there is a song on my upcoming EP called ‘Judgement Day’, which had been sent to Nitin’s publisher. Nitin’s publisher played him the track and when Nitin heard it he was like ‘Yes this is exactly what I’m looking for’. Two weeks later I was in the studio with him.”


I really like ‘I don’t need your love’. Very cool song. What is the meaning behind this?

“The song is about admitting that a relationship or situation you’re currently in, is over. From my perspective I thought someone else felt like that about me, and I would have much rather they had just said. This song is not necessarily just about a person though; it can be about a situation, or substance addiction. It’s about being honest with yourself and saying ‘I don’t really need you as this is no longer benefiting the both of us’.”


2016 looks like it has got off to a good start for you?

“I’m really proud of what I have done so far, and I’m just glad that other people are getting it, though I don’t mind if not, as it’s all fun. So even if it’s just my mum that likes it that’s fine.”


Special thanks to Stealth for his interview with Public Description.


EP released 25th march | Now available for pre-order.

Look out for live shows announced on FB or twitter:





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